Surfacing: Fixers

on Sunday, October 17, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Manchester's In The City festival finished on Friday evening/the early hours of Saturday morning but there are still plenty of bands to plunder from the stellar line up. If you haven't already heard, I wasn't actually at the festival and was too busy keeping it real down in London, basking in my unemployment. But that doesn't stop me enjoying the bands through the beauty of our wonderful internet. All hail the internet.

Oxford five piece Fixers carry the same air of mystery that incessantly annoyed me at the beginning of the year with bands like Monarchy, Silver Columns, Summer Camp and WU LYF. So it takes a fair amount for me to overcome that prejudice. But I've just about managed it in this case.

One band particularly comes to mind when listening to Fixers and that's Animal Collective. It's a lazy comparison but when the intro to 'Iron Deer Dream' sounds like a cover of 'My Girls', it clouds your thoughts. Fixers transpose a sense of psychedelic experimentalism with warm summery pop, the latter of which is especially apparent on the wondrous 'Iron Deer Dream'.

Be sure to check out a couple of other tracks floating around - 'Who Says Boys' (apparently taken from the 'Surf Wax' EP?) and 'Crystals'. And well, if you have any other information, do share the wealth in the comments below. And the band put up a new free download pretty much straight after I posted this, here's 'Amsterdam'. Which I've been given permission to upload separately, I hasten to add.

DOWNLOAD: Fixers - Amsterdam (right click, save us)

Bizarrely and unfortunately, the band's management requested we remove the embedded stream from Soundcloud. You can find a (legal) download easily enough on Google or listen at MySpace.

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