Surfacing: Alpines

on Sunday, November 28, 2010
Words: Saam Das

With a winter chill sweeping across the UK, it seems appropriate to write about a band called Alpines. Perhaps unexpectedly, they're from Kingston-Upon-Thames in the suburbs of London - a place which not especially famed for its mountainous terrain. Worth visiting its parks during the summer though. They're lovely.

As for Alpines, they're one of a string of London bands spearheading a movement of moody atmospheric electronica - the band opt for the term "night-pop". I can go along with that. However, I'm much less enamoured with the duo's decision to shroud themselves in mystery, although this interview does reveal some details.

Despite the latter point, I fully expected them to have been considerably hyped up. But no, only Breaking More Waves and a couple of other musical outlets have mentioned Alpines. Thus far. Which is a shame, as the sound they've created takes inspiration from the likes of Bat For Lashes and The xx but emerges as something new and perhaps even more brilliant. Both arresting and majestic. Bonus points for the excellent use of vocal vibrato during 'Ice & Arrows'.

STREAM: Ice & Arrows by Alpines

STREAM: Empire by Alpines

Download 'Survival' from the Bandcamp widget above. Alpines play a free gig at the wonderful Tooting Tram & Social on December 13th.

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