Surfacing: Vietwow!

on Monday, November 08, 2010
Words: Saam Das

You might have heard the surprisingly brilliant Tinchy Stryder track 'Game Over' which features some of the hottest talent on the UK rap scene (presumably, anyway) right now. It might be a bit much to call them a supergroup but could Vietwow! be considered as one? They comprise a member of Youves as well as former members of a string of bands that have featured on this site - Meet Me In St Louis and Blakfish, Super Tennis.

Vietwow! are running with the tagline "the DIY Supergroup you will learn to love" which is both somewhat insecure of their current standing and perhaps optimistic about their future. Either way, they have some chutzpah to be releasing their debut single on 5.25" floppy disks. Not even the most popular floppy format!

Anyway, that release is the double A-side 'If You Leave Me....'/'Hole In The Head'. The former's full title is actually 'If You Leave Me Then I'll Fucking Kill You' which sounds horribly threatening until you find out they one of the instruments they used was a toy drumkit. Well 'ard. The single showcases a sound that's angsty, lo-fi, and bizarrely charming. Moreover, Vietwow! are an absolute must for fans of Weezer, especially those with a penchant for 'Pinkerton'. Must admit, I prefer 'Blue' - controversial?

STREAM: Vietwow! - If You Ever Leave Me

STREAM: Vietwow! - Hole In The Head

Pre-order the single from Idle Hands, scheduled for release on November 22nd.


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