Surfacing: Antlered Man

on Monday, March 28, 2011
Words: Simon Opie

I got a text from a well-wisher at an Antlered Man gig saying that I should check them out. So I did and I really liked what I found. I think John Kennedy of XFM has championed their forthcoming debut single release and I certainly hope this self-declared hard rock band are going places.

Antlered Man comprise of Danny Fury (guitar), Damo Ezekiel Holmes (vocals), Sam Ray (Bass) and Oliver Parker (Drums) who formed the band in London in early 2009 before Sarah Townsend joined the band on flute to complete the line up.

The band cite their influences as The Melvins, Radiohead, REM, QoTSA, and Trail Of Dead – which is a very solid pedigree but in truth they don’t really sound like any of them. Well aside their cover (listen below) of The Archies’ 'Sugar, Sugar', which has more than a touch of The Melvins about it.

I guess that’s why I like them – they have a supple, twisted, hardcore/softcore sound which is quite individual and makes them even second cousins to prog dinosaurs like Van der Graaf Generator (on 'Platoono Of Uno' at least). But put those prog dinosaurs out of your mind and give this band a try – I like them a lot.

My favourites of their songs that I’ve found are 'Buddhist Soup' – which is the only song with whistling featured that I think is any good at all – and the upcoming debut single release 'Surrounded By White Men'. As you can see above, the video is pretty funky. The single comes out in April, pre-order a ltd ed version here.

STREAM: Surrounded By White Men by Antlered Man

STREAM: Sugar Sugar (The Archies Cover) by Antlered Man

Download 'Platoono Of Uno' for free at

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