Listen: Big Deal - Dream Machines [Album Preview]

on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Words: Saam Das

Big Deal's forthcoming second album is called 'June Gloom', perhaps taunting all of the UK while we try to navigate the rather dreary May weather. Oddly enough, their new single 'Dream Machines' seems to (at least metaphorically) opening up the clouds and shining upon our withered souls. Have a listen below, along with the more psych-influenced recent single, 'In Your Car'.

The duo have attracted countless Pixies comparisons, and perhaps not unfairly. They share a similar quiet-loud dynamic, and boy-girl vocals. And they do it well. Their methods are emboldened further by the striking production - by the band themselves, and recorded with debut album producer Dean Reid (with some extra drumwork from Rory Attwell) - which brings a sharp vibrancy to 'Dream Machines'.

Pre-order 'June Gloom' at ahead of its 4 June release date. Find more info at

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