Lily Allen

on Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lily Allen is a name that probably evokes fear in many a music purist. Her rise to fame has been stratospheric and I must be about the millionth blog to mention her. Yes, MySpace is to blame. Although Popjustice gives us ten reasons to love Lily Allen.

She's just announced details of a new date at the Astoria in London and a full scale single release. Smile, due out on July 3rd follows the 500 7" pressing of skapop ditty LDN. You can buy tickets for her November 6th Astoria date from Stargreen.

Lily Allen - LDN

Listen to Smile on Lily's MySpace (1.6 million plays overall! Crikey!) and if you feel particularly adventurous, download a zip of nine of her songs here.
Seeing as I watched Sister Act 2 earlier, I decided to upload one of the songs featuring Lauryn Hill of The Fugees.

Sister Act 2 - O Happy Day

That Jesus, what a guy.

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