New Noise: Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip

on Tuesday, March 02, 2010
While people are rightfully spaffing themselves over the new amazing OK Go video (arguably even better than that treadmill vid) and are suitably intrigued at the more serene direction Foals have taken, I'm going to blog about something else.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip have a new single out this week, called 'Get Better', which continues the brilliance of debut album 'Angles'. Combining Pip's ever-so-clever observational lyricism and Le Sac's bouncy electro vibes, we have another gem on our hands. An impassioned plea to the youth of today to "get better". Admittedly, 'Get Better' is inherently moralising which can come off as patronising but it's tough to take Scroobius Pip as anything other than earnest. "Whether you have or you have not wealth, the system might fail you but don't fail yourself".

The duo have also put up a couple of tracks from the forthcoming album on Soundcloud, which I've embedded below. 'Snob' and 'Stake A Claim' display some iffy production but constrast 'Get Better' with their fire. The stronger track 'Stake A Claim' is a political monster which has Pip espousing how he will stand up to government, while 'Snob' discusses the notion that music shouldn't be culturally restricted to certain audiences ("Stop being a snob with your music, it made to be heard, anyone can use it").

I feel bad for fobbing you off with streams, you can pop over to Soundcloud and download the Villa Vocal Mix of 'Get Better'.

'Get Better' is out now. New album 'The Logic Of Chance' is out on March 15th in the UK.

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