EP Review: Tribes - We Were Children

on Sunday, June 05, 2011
Tribes - 'We Were Children' EP (UK Release: June 6th '11) // Words: Emily Solan

In 'We Were Children', Tribes have created that once a year thing of a summer time anthem, and then spread that euphoric, reminiscent feeling across the entire EP. The most anthemic of all being title track 'We Were Children'. Steeped in the current grunge/American revivalist sounds, and the inclusion of the original demo really highlights how with the right production anthems are made.

Alongside these sits the fantastic 'Girlfriend'. The extremely catchy chorus bemoans what seems to be an entire existence "My girlfriend doesn’t love me, my haircut doesn’t suit me, my best friend thinks I’m lazy, but I don’t care, they don’t know me". And all this is set to a squall of feedback and clattering drums, nigh on perfect.

'Coming Of Age' continues the reflective revivalist feel of the EP, albeit at a much slower pace. Less anthemic, more acoustic, this song encapsulates those feelings we all get at least once on our youth. Flowing immediately into the aforementioned demo version of 'We Were Children', it rounds off the EP as harmoniously as it started.

You know when you find those blogs that are full of those hazy, vintage photographs that you wish were yours and the mood board of your life (oh, is that just me?), well this EP is the soundtrack to the lives of those that are Tumblr famous. I’m not jealous at all, not one little bit.

STREAM: We Were Children (EP Version) by TRIBES

Download the 'We Were Children' EP at iTunes or Amazon.co.uk.

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