Surfacing: LI-ON GREVIER [New Music]

on Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Words: Simon Opie

Sunday evening is not usually the most promising time to check the Altrock inbox. But LI-ON GREVIER wisely use capitals, just like us, so I checked them out. Glad I did. The genre-plundering collective of Toronto creatives release an eponymous EP next week for free, with a pay-what-you-want option, with money going to local charities.

LI-ON GREVIER comprises poets, artists and musicians from Toronto, with acts ranging from art-rock to salsa, signed and unsigned bands alike, brought together by Omri Horwitz. I can safely say that Mr Horwitz has orchestrated a pretty neat collection of songs, assembled on the seven track EP.

Horwitz noted that "while the album is rooted in acoustic instruments, you will find each song unique, and the track listing set in context to a theme (in roughly this order: abandonment-betrayal-perversion-faith-revolution), both lyrically and in effect." As a result, he also asked listeners to listen past the first track before making any judgement.

All fine by me, although I must confess it absolutely was the first track 'I Thought You Said Verdun' that got me hooked - or the first 30 seconds of it to be exact. But I’m pleased to say that if psych-folk is your thing then the whole EP is rather a treat. From quirky songs like 'Apple to the extended 'Mild Depressions In Postlapsaria' to a genuinely good ‘bonus’ track called 'Pi', there’s a real quality to the music and I therefore thought I should bring LI-ION GREVIER to your attention, gentle reader.

Find more info at Email Simon at altrock(at)

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