Surfacing: Fridge Poetry [New Artist]

on Monday, May 13, 2013
Words: Saam Das

We're big fans of Johnny Foreigner over here at FADED GLAMOUR, and always interested in hearing what the band have to offer - whether in their collective or singular form. This time round, we have some exciting new tunes from drummer Junior Laidley (and guest vocalist pals) in his more electro-based Fridge Poetry guise.

There are certainly some elements of Junior's main outfit, such as occasional mathy flourishes in the guitar work, but equally Fridge Poetry has its own identity - a pleasingly haphazard one, at that. The production on his debut EP is "busy", bringing together an array of influences perhaps including the likes of M83 and Idiot Pilot.

The 'Soweto Slo Mo' EP also features guest vocal contributions from Evan Bernard and Thomas Sherwood Nicholls. The latter's appearance on 'Crash Down' is particularly reminiscent of The Postal Service, sharing a similarly soothing vocal and wide-eyed electronica. (Its simplistic, jellyfish-based video very much enhances the track's sense of quiet wonder.)

Another particular highlight on the EP is opener, 'I'll See', featuring vocals from Bernard. A more melodramatic affair with its lulling piano melodies, still dominant against the track's heavy percussion. While the other tracks rarely show such poignancy, the 'Soweto Slo Mo' EP is a fantastic debut effort.

Find more info at Purchase the 'Soweto Slo Mo' EP at Bandcamp.

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