Surfacing: BAVANANDAN [New Act]

on Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Words: Saam Das

A few years back, I was rather fond of a band called Battle - previously called Killing Moon, which echoed (ahem) their influences of a dark melodramatic sound, they eventually went down a slightly different route before sadly disappearing to little fanfare. Frontman Jason Bavanandan has re-emerged with an ambitious and exciting new project, BAVANANDAN, where he hopes to create a "cinematically-released album".

What Bavanandan/BAVANANDAN means by cinematically-released album is that his new material was originally conceived as the soundtrack to an unwritten film - 'Whiplash Dreams', which he now intends to make. BAVANANDAN's joined the Kickstarter bandwagon, and with less than a day to go, has fulfilled his £5,000 appeal. (Of course, still worth throwing some money at the campaign, not just for its rewards.)

'Whiplash Dreams' explores the story of a young couple's final twelve months, appropriately narrated through the album's twelve tracks. Having listened to some of the soundtrack, they seem to bridge the old and new Battle sounds, with a characteristic lean on Bavanandan's emotive vocals and strong eye for melody. The addition of a female vocal dynamic works especially well on 'Brand New City', which you can listen to below.

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