Watch: Lovestarrs - Get Your Sexy On [Official Video]

on Monday, April 28, 2014
Words: Saam Das

We're still a bit sad about the unexpected demise of The Good Natured but it's always darkest before the dawn etc. Rising again under new guise Lovestarrs, the electro-pop trio delivered a huge sounding debut track in 'Get Your Sexy On', which now has its own video.

While the early darker vibes might have dissipated but the strong melodies are still there, and there's a massive singalong chorus on 'Get Your Sexy On' to boot. The new video features colourful flourishes, not least from pink-haired frontwoman Sarah McIntosh, to match the upbeat nature of the music. There's also a bit of cheeky snogging going on. Get your watch on below.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Lovestarrs are no more but a new 2020 version of 'Get Your Sexy On' lives on from McIntosh's Sazzie outfit:

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