Surfacing: EAT [New Band]

on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Words: Saam Das // Artwork: Cody Sowerby

Another day, another band keeping their cards tightly close to their chest. I don't approve but so be it, EAT, so be it. I suspect they're Northerners based on their propensity to include Northern geographical areas in their song titles and their work with James Hall, a Newcastle-based producer. Listen to 'Byker Lime Slicer' and 'Byker Drone' below.

Considering the relative lack of information, we at least know that Hall was a member of the excellent Let's Buy Happiness, and perhaps I'm over-reaching here but maybe he's even a member of EAT. Either way, the band's lo-fi, scuzzy output is intriguing, with 'Byker Lime Slicer' particularly excelling - ticking the 'huge anthem' box, thanks to some galloping riffs and swooning vocal hooks.

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