Surfacing: Jack Blonde Debuts With The Freshly Squeezed 'JUICE'

on Wednesday, September 04, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Jack Blonde promotional photo

Charitably speaking, we're entering the last throngs of summer, and Jack Blonde's freshly squeezed debut track 'JUICE' captures some of the sun-kissed nature that characterises the season. So fresh, in fact, that when we stumbled upon this new project, we were the very first to 'like' their Facebook page. Perhaps you might be interested in also becoming an early Jack Blonde adopter?

The shimmering, warbling sounds of 'JUICE' are paired with glistening RnB vocals as the UK artist-producer continues the musical path he began under the name Goldn. Something of a sunny delight, you might say.

Jack Blonde - 'JUICE'

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