Our contact details are listed here. Please take a minute to read through. Unfortunately, we all work day jobs so we can't guarantee your email will be read but feel free to nudge us via Twitter or some other novel means. Like messaging our Facebook page.

DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS in unsolicited emails. Please upload the relevant material elsewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, your hosted press site, "the cloud") and link to it.


Email Saam at music[at] about music submissions, live review opportunities etc.

We get sent far too many emails as it is so please consider if the music you're submitting is appropriate for FG - it'll save us both time and effort. Unfortunately, it's very unlikely we'll review your self-released album, for example.


Email Saam at film[at] about anything related to film/tv that you'd like us to be involved in. From movie news to invitations to screenings, and everything in between.


While we're scaling back our advertising, we are open to collaborations so if you have any such opportunities, or anything that you feel doesn't fit into the above email addresses, feel free to email fg[at]

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