Watch: How A British Teen On Tik Tok Inspired Blanco Brown's Video For Country Smash 'The Git Up'

on Monday, September 23, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Lil Nas X paved the way for a genre-bending country-led smash with his Nine Inch Nails-sampling record-breaking hit, 'Old Town Road', which has dominated US charts in 2019 - topping the Billboard Hot 100 for nineteen weeks. The initial traction that 'Old Town Road' gained was partly due to its prevalence on musical app Tik Tok - a path shared by its country rap contemporary, Blanco Brown's 'The Git Up'. And the artist's new video has leant into its Tik Tok origins, included one of its most famous proponents, British teen Harvey Bass.

Bass rose to fame earlier in the year for his Tik Tok video showing him in full school uniform dancing along (aka #thegitupchallenge) to 'The Git Up', alongside the caption - "I got suspended for this". If anything, he should have been given a medal for the mesmerising performance, captured brilliantly by a low camera angle. Instead, millions of views/followers, and an appearance in Blanco Brown's new video for the single will have to do.

'The Git Up' not only shares similar musical stylings as 'Old Town Road' - it's also catchy as hell, and its cumulative 80+ million views on YouTube and counting since its original release earlier this year are indicative of just that. A feel good anthem bolstered by a viral video, truly we are living in a new age of (country) music. BRB, just listening to 2002 country-dance crossover 'Cotton Eye Joe' by Rednex...

Blanco Brown - 'The Git Up'

'The Git Up' is out now digitally and will be appearing on Blanco Brown's debut album, 'Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs', due out in October. Find more info at

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