on Monday, September 24, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Best known for their work in Savages, Fay Milton​ and ​Ayse Hassan are now on the warpath with a new side-project, 180dB. Possibly inspired by the Aphex Twin track of the same name, or the average sound level in decibels of a rocket launch, the duo have nonetheless unveiled themselves in fearsome fashion. Featuring Meredith Graves and Nick Zinner, listen to in-your-face debut effort 'Road Trip' below.
on Thursday, September 20, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Okay, so we've only actually heard 122 seconds of cheerbleederz music thus far. But we knew we were into them about five seconds into their pining debut track, 'Cabin Fever', off their forthcoming EP 'Faceplant'. Coming out on the irrepressible Alcopop! label, who also recently signed the returning Art Brut, we're pretty confident that it'll be a winner.
on Thursday, September 06, 2018
Words: Saam Das

In Cinemas: 'The Festival' (2018) + 'BlacKkKlansman' (2018)

on Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Words: Saam Das

It's probably a bit odd to admit that Liverpudlian music to us evokes memories of the irrepressible goFaster and the piano-led pop of Elle s'appelle more so than it does The Beatles. (Both so great and underrated.) Seeing as all of those bands are now long gone, it's up to the foursome of SHARDS to pick up the region's musical gauntlet. With tracks like 'Reflections' and 'Changes', they're on the right path.
on Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Miami main man Steven A. Clark has a new album on the way, 'Where Neon Goes To Die' on Secretly Canadian, and has started dropping the first glimpses of the record. Having unexpectedly recruited German DJ Boys Noize to produce, we now have the dreamy 'On And On', following the funk of recent new track 'Feel This Way'.
on Monday, September 03, 2018
Stealing Sheep + Nabihah Iqbal + Flamingods live @ Smithfield Market (26 August 2018) // Words: Saam Das

We can't say we've spent too many August Bank Holidays at a meat market before, but the 150th birthday celebrations of London's Smithfield Market proved perhaps surprisingly alluring even in rather inclement conditions for the 2018 August Bank Hols. A family-friendly mini-festival, complete with Roller Disco and Sausage Dog Parade, organisers Culture Mile put on an impressively wide-ranging event, all for the grand ticket price of nada. Bravo.

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