on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Words: Saam Das

London singer-songwriter has been in the studio a lot lately, and the fruits of sessions with the likes of Casually Here (aka Nic Nell of RAINER) and Paul Aiden are finally appearing. The Tropics-produced 'Won't Look Back' is the first track to drop.
on Monday, July 20, 2015
Words: Saam Das

It's been a good three years since Santigold delivered her second album, 'Master Of My Make Believe', so it was a pleasant surprise when 'Radio' recently turned up somewhat out of the blue. The new song appears on the soundtrack to new romcom 'Paper Towns', adapted from John Green's ('The Fault In Our Stars') novel, joining the likes of Vampire Weekend and HAIM.
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Jamie Sinclair

Formerly part of The Puppini Sisters, who I wrote about on this very blog back in 2006(!), Stephanie O'Brien made a fresh start last year with a stunning acapella cover of Portishead's 'Glory Box'. Dropping part of her surname, she recently appeared on a compilation by the good folk over at Killing Moon, before releasing her new EP 'Alive' today.
on Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Words: Saam Das // Photo: Caroline Mackintosh

Hyperactive South African quartet Al Bairre (pronounced Al Bear) were a wonderful surprise at The Great Escape Festival earlier in the year - they even thanked us, but the pleasure was truly all ours. Joyous new single 'Julia' is a perfect introduction to the band's effervescence, and we've popped previous single 'Bungalow' below for good measure.
on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Words: Saam Das

Moshi Moshi Records have put out releases by some of my favourite artists in the last decade or so - from Hot Club de Paris to Tom Vek. Former Race Horses frontman Meilyr Jones is the latest off the conveyor belt of interest, with debut single 'Refugees' out on the label this August.
Words: Saam Das

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