Surfacing: Matt And Kim Hit The F5 Button Via New Garage-Punk Project PG14 [New Band]

on Sunday, June 11, 2023

Words: Saam Das

It feels kinda wild that we're coming up to twenty years of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino musical exploits as the riotious synth-led indie of Matt And Kim. I guess this is growing up. The duo have hit the refresh button in 2023 however, with new project PG14, which harks back to the raw beginnings of the band.

Interestingly, for a band well-known for their uplifting spirit and party vibes, PG14 was birthed following a difficult phase in the Matt And Kim journey. As the duo explain in a heartfelt video ("WE'RE STILL ALIVE" visible below), they found releasing and promoting music during the pandemic challenging, not least to their sense of self-worth. In a bid to "scratch their art-school itch", PG14 was born.

The 'Yes Please' EP clocks in at under eight minutes, across four tracks. Short and simple. But almost immediately different from their modus operandi, with Matt Johnson taking on much more prominent bass and guitar duties.

Breezy opener ('GET IT GOT IT!') and facetious closer ('YOU'RE SO SMALL AND I'M SO TALL') feel like the bread to the much meatier filling. 'BORN FREE BUT I'M GETTIN' PRICEY' very much feels like old school Matt And Kim, while the anthemic 'DEAD DEAD DEAD' has a punkier edge led by its squealing central riff.

The new project seems to have done the trick for the duo regardless of success - it seems like simply having this new creative outlet has breathed fresh air into the lives of Matt And Kim, with September and October tour dates planned across the US.

'Yes Please' by PG14 is out now via Bandcamp. Find more info on Matt And Kim, including the upcoming US tour dates, at

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