Little Man Tate

on Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Sheffield. Four young lads. Indie band. Sounds all too familiar doesn't it?

I popped into Sister Ray's (formerly Selectadisc) on Berwick Street yesterday evening to see one of Sheffield's new bright young bands, Little Man Tate.

An Arctic Monkeys comparison is almost inevitable as LMT offer similarly exciting, poppy tunes with equally witty lyrics. No doubt the comparison is unwanted but they may well follow the AMs into the big time, having recently been signed by V2 records after months of internet buzz. Acclaimed debut single The Agent sold out its 500 or so 7" pressing in nanoseconds back in February and you can watch its video here.

This small instore performance was to promote their second single What? What You Got single, out this week on 7" and CD. They played at the 100 Club down the road later that evening but that sold out years ago and I can only assume it was nothing short of a riot.

The NME gave its stamp of approval (if that means anything anymore), awarding it runner up single of the week and Planetsound claims that 'not liking this is like saying "I drown kittens, me". Noisingly magical.' You can download the demo version of W?WYG here.

Hardly ground breaking but good fun and you have to love (or become incredibly irritated by) charismatic frontman Jon Windle's in-song gesturing. Plus, there were free badges and their generosity had already won me over.

You can buy the What? What You Got 7" or CD (or both!) from Sister Ray's.

Little Man Tate - Man I Hate Your Band

Other songs available in the downloads section of their website and there's always their MySpace.

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