Jamie T

on Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wimbledon's finest Jamie T offers a free download of new track Do You Have The Time on his website.

Jamie T fuses many genres and although you'll see many people comparing him to Mike Skinner or even Lily Allen (who has apparently recorded a track with Jamie), the NME put it best for me:"An all-singing, all swaggering West London rudeboy specialising in tales of booze, birds and being broke."

Technical difficulties scuppered his performance supporting the Mystery Jets when I first saw him last September, so let's hope he avoids any misfortune when he tours with a full backing band throughout June!

Jamie T - Back In The Game (Demo)

You can hear the demo of new single Sheila and former single Salvador on Jamie's MySpace. Shiela is out on July 3rd.
Keep Hope Inside also 'heart' Peter Crouch (or should we say Robocrouch - YouTube link) as much as we 'heart' Nickelodeon. Steven Gerrard diving wasn't too impressive but a goalie scoring from a goal kick is a great laugh (YouTube).
Having previously been 'unmasked' (or not) by The Sun newspaper, Eurovision winners Lordi seem to have actually been 'unmasked' in a couple of Finnish mags this week. Read about angry Finns here.

The Fly are opening a new venue on New Oxford Street in London. Sounds pretty good to me. You can also see the mag online now, which is great stuff.

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies support Forward, Russia! on their July UK tour. The Russians also play some sort of Leeds residency, read about it here. They've also put up next single Eighteen for your aural pleasure on their MySpace.
Just a quick note to say after the Brighton Great Escape festival posts (over the next three days), I'm taking a breather due to exams. Thanks for looking upto now and there still might be occasional posts so keep checking back!

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