Peter Bjorn And John

on Friday, July 21, 2006
When I first heard someone mention Peter Bjorn And John on the radio, I thought they were talking about Abba. They're both Swedish at least. But where's the comma?! Schoolboy error or some sort of twisted irony?

Then I heard 'Young Folks' - whistling, bongos, maracas - utter genius. Peter is joined by Victoria Bergstrom of The Concretes on vocals, giving it a bit of an Olivia Newton John and John Travolta vibe but without the major cringe factor. 'Young Folks' is surely one of the most infectious songs to be released this year. If everyone isn't whistling along by the end of summer, it will be a travesty.

"It's groovy and melancholy at the same time," explains Bjorn Yttling, the band's keyboard and bass player (Guardian article). Indeed.

It's also quite funny that such a delightfully simple song receives such a mental review from Pitchfork ( link). Well, the second paragraph anyway.

Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks

Download the Erol Alkan rework at Batteria Ricaricabile (link). Oh Pitchfork, how you make me lol.

'Young Folks' is released on Wichita in the UK on July 31st. Preorder here.
'Writer's Block', the third Peter Bjorn And John album is out on August 7th.

They're also touring the UK in August, supported on some dates by Keep Hope Inside faves Hot Club de Paris. Check the dates on the PBAJ MySpace (link).

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