Sunny Sunny

on Friday, August 18, 2006
This is a post about two bands with the word 'sunny' in their name. You know the score.
I got an email recently from Carlos at I Am Sound Recordings telling me about their new signings Sunny Day Sets Fire. I managed to catch them on the telly for Road To V [link] a few weeks back in fact, although I must admit the most interesting thing I thought about them at the time was that the founding members met while working together in a cinema.

But after listening to their singles, I was really quite impressed. XFM described debut single 'Brainless' as such: "Imagine an upbeat Postal Service with added trumpets, and drums, the volume turned high and ‘Brainless’ might fit somewhere. A great build up and a driven energetic track using the trumpet to great effect. Added cat samples accompany and bring a large slab of kitsch, before high quality full guitar riff returns to ensure its’ novelty value isn’t exhausted. Trumpets most certainly are the future." I couldn't agree more.

Recent single 'Wilderness' may not be quite as wonderful but to steal the press release, it's "a breezy slice of wonky, infectious pop that recalls Arcade Fire or the Polyphonic Spree, while B side, Green Clouds twits, turns and bleeps like the errant offspring of Radiohead and Sigur Ros."

Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness

Download 'Brainless' and other tunes at their MySpace [link]
Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element are monstrous. Is it glitchy post-rock? Is it experimental electronica? I have no idea, it's simply a calculated bombardment to our senses. The name somewhat aligns itself with their music, a bit ungainly yet intriguing all the same. I challenge 65DaysOfStatic fans not to like this stuff.

I found out about Sunnyvale on the Radio 1 Unsigned section [link] and they had this to say about them: "These kids are a trio from Oxford who create experimental electronic tunes. Utilising clockwork toys, samples, glue and crisps for their unique sound. Is that Ready Salted or Cheese and Onion boys?" How witty.

At times, they almost remind me of fervent button bashing at the arcade before rescinding into a calm Zen-like state and then back to chaos all over again. And again. And if this in anyway sways you, Damo Suzuki of Can is apparently a big fan and has sung for Sunnyvale live and all.

Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Eelement - I Love You Everytime You Smile
Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element - How Spiderman Was Tricked By His Wife

Buy their releases on their website [link]
p.s Hope all A Level students reading did themselves proud!

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