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on Monday, August 14, 2006
I've had a few bands email me (and apparently just about every other blogger ever!) some tracks recently so I thought I'd give them a quick run through on here. More emails are obviously welcome!
First up are Chicago's The Interiors who have, according to drummer Brian, "received interest from several prominent Chicago and national labels". Get them. Anyways, I gave their demo (available on their website) a listen and thought 'The Bug' was the best of the bunch - grungy vocals with sinister lyrics but more importantly, a bit more musically ambitious - indicating much more potential for an apparent upcoming LP.

The Interiors - The Bug

Listen to tracks on their MySpace [link].
Next are For Those Who Know, a "psychedelic" band from Austin, Texas. I'm not so sure on the psychedelic tag but they would know[/pun]. Their name also vaguely reminds me of the WWF Montreal Screwjob [link] but we're heading down the wrong road now...

With one EP (last year's self-titled release) under their belt, For Those Who Know have made their second EP freely available from their website. Clever move. There's definately a large shoegaze element to their music with softly spoken vocals and multi layered guitars. Other influences seep through such as Sonic Youth and perhaps even The Smiths, like on EP opener 'Competition', one of their more melodic tunes.

'Night On The Danceclub' seems to be earmarked as a single with Super! Alright! (Black Eyed Peas, Single Frame) on board to film its video. I think 'Perfect' would be more suitable for a release - it has a more poppy, almost dreamy vibe and Eastern-sounding guitar licks - maybe later, I guess. For your own little shoegazing revival download For Those Who Know's seven track EP on their website [link].

For Those Who Know - Perfect
Finally come Bel Auburn who have been getting plenty of buzz on the blogosphere so I'm sure you can read a more indepth post about them pretty much anywhere!

Another band who've put their release up for download on their website (bravo!), lyricist/guitarist Jared says "As far as sound goes: we love melody, love anything from Iceland, love 1's & 0's, love Wilco and Radiohead and Sunny Day Real Estate and Sufjan, can't help but love the way the light clings to the midwest, and are card-carrying Anglophiles." Their sound is largely relaxing, melodic fayre but 'Roses' is my standout, a lovely vibrant number with passionate, soaring vocals.

Bel Auburn - Roses

Download 'Lullabies In A & C' from their website, where you can also purchase the album which is out today[link].

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