Cajun Dance Party

on Monday, September 04, 2006
Let me introduce you to the charming Cajun Dance Party. One of London's most exciting new bands, they are about to be showcased on Steve Lamacq's esteemed Radio 1 show tonight, Lamacq Live.

"Floating around last summer (2005), Robbie, an acomplished international violinist decided to create a band in which he would strum a guitar and Daniel would sing. Max, a great lead guitarist was called upon to literally and physically evolve, like a pokemon, into a bassist and be in the band. Two drummers later, Will joined the band offering gifts of homemade crumpets and fruit cake. Vicky made the sound complete wih her fat Roland keyboard. Cajun Dance Party is our third and final band name after The New English Quintet and Colourful Life got scrapped simultaneously."

These 16 year olds (they only got their GCSE results the other week!) have been causing an A&R clamour as of late and understandably so, their blissfully crafted, joyous indie pop has shades of The Arcade Fire and The Strokes to mention but two. Influences range from Aphex Twin(?!) to The Mars Volta so perhaps expect some more eccentric anthems as the band develops.

A dedicated (i.e mental) fanbase has been built who witness their entertaining live performances, being particularly enamoured with frontman Danny, who seems to exhibit faux hyperactivity but manages to deliver his crisp vocals perfectly. They also won the same school Battle Of The Bands that Les Incomp├ętents originally finished second in, then were victorious the year after (Fear Of Flying lost out that time around). Considering I helped set up the inaugural one, I'm pretty chuffed at the standard of talent that has come through.

I've only uploaded the one track today but either listen out on the Radio 1 website around right about now or check Cajun Dance Party's MySpace [link] to download more material. 'Colourful Life' is a dreamy, infectious pop ditty with a spellbinding little chorus - "So pick up the pace and enjoy the race, 'cos nothingness is nice. And feel the dance, and feel the mood. While you're munching on that slice." Like a less twee Belle & Sebastian, simply glorious. I'm pretty sure it's going to be released as a single on Way Out West records in the near future so look out for it.

Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life

They're quite clearly having a ball, why don't we join them? Cajun Dance Party - too cool for school.

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