Free is a magic number

on Sunday, September 10, 2006
I've plucked this track by The Jane Bradfords straight off the BBC Radio 1 unsigned site [link], which is usually on the money about new artists. The Jane Bradfords are in fact one lad (Deci Gallen) and a laptop, with a band joining him for live performances. It's all sounding a bit Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly isn't it? Never fear, this is unashamedly bright pop countered by gravelly vocals. It's lovely and the intro even reminds me of The B52's or something.

The Jane Bradfords - Hide From The Cold
Jamie T, the West London scamp signed to V2 records is spoiling us once again by offering up a new track of his for free. 'Oh My Girl' is up for download on his website [link]. New single 'If You've Got The Money' is out on 16th October.
Manchester madmen The Longcut ("frontman-is-drummer-say-what?") have made a download of 'Spires' available on the XFM website [link]. New single 'A Tried And Tested Method' is out on September 21st and includes a remix by The Go! Team, sounds exciting.
Finally, Mystery Jets-alike quirky popsters GoodBooks (not to be confused with Good Shoes) released a download only single ages back but here it is anyway. Artwork and lyrics and stuff can be found on their website [link].

GoodBooks - Turn It Back

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