Bloc Party unreleased track - Vision Of Heaven

on Thursday, February 08, 2007
Is it sick and wrong that I really like the new Snow Patrol and The Fray singles? Probably. Lucky for you this post is about Bloc Party. Or unlucky for you, seeing as they truly are the flavour of the month. Although understandably seeing as their second album 'A Weekend In The City' has finally been released - on first few listens, I think it's a good effort and I'm absolutely loving 'Waiting For The 7.18', reminiscent of the more anthemic nature of the debut record.

Thanks to [link], here's an unreleased Bloc Party track called 'Vision Of Heaven'. Quite probably future b-side material, it reminds me a bit of The Cure. It's simple and melodic, even with the slightly spazzed out-ness towards the end, 'Vision Of Heaven' remains an easy listen. A bit sub-So Here We Are, yet still pleasant and perfectly acceptable output from one of the finest British bands of the last few years.

And here's your tenuous link for the day - one of the lyrics is about throwing "my mobile phone into the sea" and guess what? 30 fans had their phones nicked at a recent Bloc gig [link], although thankfully the perpetrator was caught and the phones returned.

Bloc Party - Vision Of Heaven

p.s Is it me or does the new BP site [link] look a bit similiar to The Rakes' site [link]?

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