Keep Hope Inside Podcast#1!

on Saturday, March 31, 2007
It's taken me ages to sort this out due to various technical difficulties but I've finally "published" my first podcast. I'm sure I sound like a complete twat but at least the music is good! So here's the first ever Keep Hope Inside Podcast, showcasing the best unknown and underrated acts from around the globe. Hope you enjoy listening to it!

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#1 (33.13, 30.4mbs)
Intro (with samples from Michael Oster's website [link])

1) Johnny Foreigner - Sofacore [MySpace]

2) goFASTER>> - You Better Watch Out [MySpace]//Download 'YBWO' [link]

3) Distophia - Robert Redford (out Monday 30th April) [MySpace]

4) Shake My Hand - Invincible [MySpace]

5) Munch Munch - Celebrity Engine [MySpace]//Download from BBC Unsigned [link]

6) Linfinity - Magdalena [MySpace]//[Website]

7) Help She Can't Swim - Hospital Drama [MySpace]//Buy the single from Norman Records [link]

8) The Jane Bradfords - Hide From The Cold [MySpace]//Download from BBC Unsigned [link]

9) This Town Needs Guns - Hippy Jam Fest (Acoustic) [MySpace]//Download the acoustic version (also available on their MySpace page) [link]

Tracks used with permission or freely available on the internet.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save target as) [link]

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If that's whet your appetite, go forth and listen to the Take Your Medicine, Not Your Usual Bollocks and Contrast podcasts.
Any cop? More talk/less talk? Longer/shorter? Fave track/s? Have you managed to subscribe to it okay? etc etc. Obviously, it's my first go so hopefully things will improve but would be nice to hear what you all think.

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