New ¡Forward, Russia! studio track

on Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Leeds noiseniks ¡Forward, Russia! have been busy recording their second album since we last heard from them with the 'Don't Be A Doctor' 10"inch white label single. In fact, I posted a live version of that on my blog almost a year ago [link], time truly does fly! If you happen to read that, you'll notice a hatred for the first Little Chris single, his follow up 'Getting Enough' was amazing so all is forgiven. New tracks have appeared since then in live format, such as 'Breaking Standing' and 'A Prospector Can Dream' (search Youtube for the vids). No more of the crazy tracks-what-are-called-numbers-eh? business anymore.

While the band were finishing recording with Matt Bayles (of Minus The Bear fame) in the States, they managed to find some time to pop into local radio station KEXP to preview new track, 'We Are Grey Matter' from the forthcoming album. The version is an early studio version, although sounds pretty polished to me! An intro that sounds a bit 80's, complete with pulsating beats gives way to the good old formula of frenetic drumming, crazed vocals, puzzling lyrics and incisive guitar lines while still retaining an anthemic undertone. Not that ¡Forward, Russia! are restricting themselves in the studio, with Hammond organs etc due to appear on the album. 'We Are Grey Matter' is a track that gets better with every listen and I'm very much looking forward to the album! They're arguably even better live so be sure to check them out when you get a chance.

¡Forward, Russia! - We Are Grey Matter (Early Studio Version) [RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS]//Alternative [D/L LINK]

¡Forward, Russia! are playing a handful of UK dates during the next few months and will be appearing on the new Dance To The Radio compilation. For more details and to read their awesome tour diary, go to their website [link].

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