Keep Hope Inside Podcast#5

on Saturday, September 29, 2007
I've been mega busy lately as uni has kicked off again but thought it was about time I put out a new podcast. The reason it's been so long coming is I've been waiting for permission (which doesn't look like it'll ever come!) to use a few tracks I've been loving recently. If you were wondering the tracks were:
Noah & The Whale - '5 Years Time'. Jangly, poppy, just generally lovely, the sound of all your best summers put together. Guest vocals from Laura Marling makes it even more spesh. Great vid too. Listen [here].

Late Of The Pier - 'Bathroom Gurgle'. This Erol Alkan produced dancefloor monster shows why LOTP are one of the most exciting around at the moment. The falsetto breakdown is amazing. Listen [here].

Fight Like Apes - 'Jake Summers'. Any song that reminds me of my childhood deserves a thumbs up. It helps that this is scuzzy synth pop at its best, combining tenderness and rawness with consummate ease. And it has one of the best lyrics ever, "you're like Kentucky Fried Chicken but without the taste!". Ace. Listen [here].

Maybe they'll even feature in a future podcast! Anyways, this month's podcast is relatively short but chock full of great songs. Without further ado...

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#5(29.34, 27mb)
Intro (with samples from Michael Oster).

1) Jonquil - Lions

2) Make Model - Glasgow's No.1 Most Wanted
[MySpace]//Download [mp3]

3) Nic Nell - It's A Trance Off
[MySpace]//Download [mp3]

4) Lo-Fi Culture Scene - Catch 22
[MySpace]//Download [mp3]

5) House Of Brothers - Lose Yourself
[MySpace]//[BSM Website]

6) These New Puritans - Navigate, Navigate

Tracks used with permission or made freely available on the internet by the artist at the time.

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Here's hoping the next podcast appears a bit quicker!

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