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on Wednesday, September 12, 2007
I've just watched England win a football match. I'm as shocked as you are. Gary Barry was awesome though. On a sports/corporate advertising note, does anyone know what the music is in this Roger Federer Nike ad? I love the ad, anyway. Amazing player too obviously but he really needs to stop his rubbish emotional breakdowns when he wins.

Adam Russell//Kent, England//[A Disgusting Blemish]
Adam is from Tenterden, where I imagine there isn't all that much to do. So writing a blog is probably a good way to occupy his time. I could be wrong though. Anyways, Adam started his blog as he "wanted to practice writing about music in an interesting way. I'm still learning. I want to write in a professional capacity when I'm all grown up so a blog is possibly a good place to start. Although everyone has a blog. So it's possibly a terrible place to start. I have no idea. I'm still learning".

Adam is "excited about Gossamer Albatross. The stuff he is coming out with at the moment is so crisp and simple, and also really mature for a guy of his age". He also suggests checking out The James Cleaver Quintet. "Just such pure power an wonderful brutality. If they sort out a drummer they'll be astounding live as well".

His blog is still in his infancy but the track he's most impressed with so far on the blog is 'Gallery' by Tellison. "It's a sexual thing, I think. The ending is what it's working towards throughout the opening bouncy refrains. An aim. A goal. This track brings out my inner sexy".

Jehan//Paris/London/Nottingham//[Shattered Satellite]
Jehan's been a bit busy recently, starting a blog, dissolving his band and moving to Paris as part of his university degree. Crazy times. He began Shattered Satellite as "I think it's quite an exciting time for music at the moment and I want to try and shed new light on bands/artists, even if they have had plenty of coverage elsewhere". He also enjoys the freedom of writing on a blog rather than with the journalistic ventures he had previously been involved with.

As I alluded to above, Jehan was the frontman for Dirty Hands, and he originally submitted a Modernaire remix of his band's 'Vivid Imagination'. A last minute change meant 'Le Beau Charcutier' by Kotki Dwa was promoted to his favourite track posted so far. The French connection played a part, no doubt. Kotki Dwa are fab anyway. You can read more about what Jehan thinks of the track on his most recent blog post.

Likewise, with his band recommendations, he keeps his response succinct, suggesting "Late of the Pier, Jeremy Warmsley, Elle Milano, Pete and The Pirates, Modernaire, Data. Select. Party., Kissy Sell Out, Riot in Belgium, YAS, Marvin the Martian"

Kotki Dwa - Le Beau Charcutier [Yousendit link]//[right click, save as]

Lee//?//[Bloodshed In The Woodshed]
Lee likes music. A LOT. He basically wrote me an essay when I emailed him! I actually feel bad having to condense his thoughts into such a small post. So less from me, more from him. "I started writing Bloodshed because I picked up more tips about new artists from spending an hour rummaging through blogs every now and again then I did in months listening to radio or reading mainstream music press, so I thought it only fair that I nudge others in the way of new artists I like, as people had done with me".

He recommends not only a whole host of bands to watch out for but also musical hotspots from around the world. As well as our own Liverpool and Oxford, he mentions Canada and Oregon, America where "there seems to be quite a few bands following in the foot-trails of The Gossip". Let's just hope they're not as annoying as Beth Ditto. He doesn't "remember music ever being as healthy as this" and says he is really enjoying "Bang Lime a lot at the minute, along with Sir Yes Sir, Wintermute, Joe Dangerous, Cap Pas Cap & The Chapman Family. Little Thief, Amida, Elle s'appelle, Stinky Munchkins, Pencil Toes, Magic Arm & The Novocaines too, all of which i think are destined for bigger things over the next year or so". Lee also mentions Foals and Assembly Now but seems to regard them as (relative!) industry veterans and "almost don't want to mention bands like that". His final thought is that he "sincerely hopes that Scanners have a good year in Britain, too. They're unique in the sense that they seem to be on their way to conquering the States yet to the general music fan here are relative unknowns".

Lee is comparatively quiet regarding his favourite track from Bloodshed but calls the Superkings track "an amazingly emotive piece of songwriting".

Superkings - Hit The Ground Running [Yousendit link]//[Sendspace link]

So that's the final past of my new blogger feature, hope you've discovered some new blogs that you like. Hopefully, they'll still be here this time next year!

My new podcast is long overdue but should be out soonish, depending on if I can procure some amazing new singles which are out later this month. Expect it to 'drop' by the end of the month though.

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