You! Me! Blogging! Part 2

on Thursday, September 06, 2007
So while many people are still being a bit silly about Klaxons winning the Mercury Music Prize (c'mon guys, M People even won it!), I will be forging on with my new blogger feature.

John Sheil//London//[Beneath The Dutts]
John is into a lot of the same music I am and if you go to his blog, you'll find him veering between cynicism and enthusiasm, whereas I always remain somewhere in between.

John says he created the Beneath The Dutts "because I really liked finding new music from all these blogs, so I thought I might try my hand and it is at least one thing constructive in my life". Seeing as he answered all my questions, I'd say he's done at least two constructive things in his life now.

His most loved track from his blog is 'Augustine' by the ever-so-metrosexual Patrick Wolf. "He is truly original and completely different to the guitar plague currently happening. That particular song speaks volumes to me".

When asked about what bands we should be watching for, John reckons "after seeing Tokyo Police Club and Late of the Pier at Reading, those two are going to massive next year. But a lot of people already know about them so I'll go for Elle S'Appelle or even Kevin Tuffy as my 'surprises'".

Patrick Wolf - Augustine [right click, save as]//[Sendspace link]

Jade McDonald//Kirriemuir, Scotland//[i want to hear what you've got to say]
At the moment Jade's blog is looking a bit sparse music wise (as it's mainly a lifestyle blog) but with her youthful exuberance, it's worth checking back on it in the future. Her Scottish upbringing means she recommended many bands that people reading this might be unaware of. Jade thinks The Law, We Smoke Fags, The Brogues, Luva-Anna, Astro Firs, Damn Shames and Popup all deserve to be big so keep an eye out!

She started the blog, which originally began as part of her Livejournal, as she felt "the need to share music I love with people". She feels the need to share so much that when I asked her for her favourite track posted so far, she gave me three! "I like all of them because they were the soundtrack to my summer really, as cliched as that sounds". Visit Jade's blog for alternative download links.

Giant Drag - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover) [right click, save as]
Regina Spektor - Loveology [right click, save as]
Air Traffic - Shooting Star [right click, save as]

Jamila Scott//Manchester (soon to be London), England//[Fucking Dance]
Jamila put a naughty word in the name of her blog, although not quite as naughty as the word in that single by The Teenagers. Thankfully, her output is a bit less silly and a bit more ace. She also runs a fanzine called Bizarre Prostitution, although that's taking a bit of a breather at the moment. Fucking Dance came to life as Jamila is "always banging on about some new band i've discovered and blogging about it seemed like a good way to get that out to a wider audience than just my friends".

Jamila thinks people should be/are buzzing about "anything coming out of the American Experimental scene. Everyone pretty much knows about Vampire Weekend, YACHT and Dirty Projectors. UK shows late this year!" On a similar note, she plumps for 'Chemicals And Cowboy Boots' by Nick Miller as her favourite Fucking Dance track. "It sounds so timeless, and evokes a crazy flood of all types of emotions in me. Radiohead meets Anthony And The Johnsons. It's haunting and touching and exciting all at the same time".

Nick Miller - Chemicals And Cowboy Boots [right click, save as]//Also downloadable on Nick's [MySpace]

I hope you manage to check these blogs out and yes, I was being a bit lazy when I couldn't be bothered to do extra download links, sorry. Part 3 coming soon and maybe even a Part 4 but I won't get ahead of myself...

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