Los Campesinos! vs Heavenly

on Saturday, November 10, 2007
Indiepop 'darlings' Los Campesinos! recently released 'The International Tweexcore Underground', a pretty amazing take on warring musical tastes, with Gareth on the twee side ("I never cared about Henry Rollins") and Aleks representing hardcore ("I never cared about Calvin Johnson"). Great video to boot, take a peek below. And not only that, they decided to flank that song with two cover versions (one twee, one hardcore) so that it would be a concept single. Crazy bananas.

Their cover of Black Flag's 'Police Story' didn't agree with me at all but I think their remake of 90's twee band, Heavenly's 'C Is The Heavenly Option' (or should that be Twee Is The Heavenly Option....sorry) is possibly my favourite cover this year. And considering how much I love covers, that is high praise indeed. Okay, they are just taking an already good song and adding a slight modern twist, LC! stylee, but maybe it's that relative simplicity which appeals to me. I think Calvin Johnson sounds a bit funny on the original too. It reminds me far too much of the B52s. Not that that's always a bad thing but it is here. Anyways, the LC! cover is below but for posterity, I've decided to upload the original as well - which do you prefer? It's like VHS vs Betamax all over again.

But the A-side is even better so I'm sticking that up as well. Admittedly, only a live version because you should buy the single obviously! Although (brace yourself for some rare negativity) I'm not sure LC! do the business live. I saw them again recently at ULU in London and thought there was something lacking. The sound in the venue wasn't that great though and they did a fantastic dance to 'Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks' but it's a bit sad if a gimmick is the best bit of your performance. On a brighter note, the album is almost destined to be a good un!

Los Campesinos! - C Is The Heavenly Option [Yourfilehost link]//[Sendspace link]
Heavenly - C Is The Heavenly Option [Yourfilehost]//[Sendspace]
Los Campesinos! - The International Tweexcore Underground (Live At London Calling) [Yourfilehost]//[Sendspace]

'The International Tweexcore Underground' is available in all good record stores and download stores (iTunes etc). Los Campesinos! are also hitting Europe and USA, check their [website] for further details.

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