Merry Christmas! Part 3

on Thursday, December 27, 2007
Part 3 of a three-part series, pointing you in the direction of some special gifts donated by artists this Christmas. All in all, hopefully a bit more satisfying than The Matrix Revolutions.

MC Lars
My favourite artist at Truck festival 2004, MC Lars is a pretty funny bloke. Well, it's not like you can really take his "post-punk laptop rap" seriously anyway. His 'Laptop EP' was awesome, full of silly lyrics and bopping beats. 'Gary The Green Nosed Reindeer' is about Rudolph's bullied cousin, who goes onto save Christmas. Yeah, Lars (his real name's Andrew) is a bit weird.

MC Lars - Gary The Green Nosed Reindeer [Yourfilehost download link]

Download the song and others at MC Lars' [MySpace].

Kula Shaker
Kula Shaker were a bit mental. I obviously mean Kula Shaker are still a bit mental. Their Christmas freebie is a tea drinking propaganda message ("Drink tea for the love of God!" etc). But I like tea, so that's fine by me. It's like Blur's 'Park Life' in a parallel universe. Oh and possibly one of the most amazing moments of my life was when I managed to get a priest to play 'Govinda' (see the embed below) in a Hindu temple in India a good few years back. Everyone I played it to in India loved it, by the way.

Kula Shaker - Drink Tea [Yourfilehost]

You can also pick up the track at [].

Mi Mye
Mysterious bunch are Yorkshire's Mi Mye. Based around some bloke called Jamie but with guest appearances from Russell of The Research (see below) and Whiskas of Forward, Russia! (who somewhat surprisingly added my blog as a myspace friend the other day. CRAP BOAST OF THE DAY.), amongst others. Apparently, anyway. Could do with a biography! And leaving Wakefield once in a while. But at least they have a warm, fuzzy, folky pop sound. Have a listen on [MySpace], where you can also download the track below.

Mi Mye - Sleep Alongside [Yourfilehost]

The Research
The Research are quirky pop trio from Wakefield, fronted by Russell The Disaster (see above) flanked by the lovely Georgia and Sarah. While it doesn't look like signing to EMI worked out as well as hoped, the band are still cracking out fantastic pop tunes. Here's their "superfree christmas down load music song" (it's super good to boot):

The Research - For Christmas I Got Pityriasis Rosea [Yourfilehost]

Listen to the lo-fi version of ace single 'Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same' on their [MySpace], where you can also download the Christmas track.

For some other snazzy Christmas tracks (I recommend in particular the Maps version of East 17's 'Stay Another Day'), consult this rather helpful Christmas download guide from [The Guardian's Chris Salmon]. Hope you all had a good Christmas/Hanukah/Eid etc etc!

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