The Acoustic Hour

on Monday, April 21, 2008
Some may remember my (possibly ill-advised) attempt at showcasing urban music on the blog, entitled The Urban Hour ([Part One]//[Part Two]). Nonetheless, I am moving on with the acoustic version, imaginatively titled The Acoustic Hour. Hurrah? More to come soon, possibly tomorrow.

TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Burnley's quirky songstress Lucy & The Caterpillar is quite twee. She's also quite ace.

Lucy & The Caterpillar is 20 year old solo artist Lucy, accompanied by her Caterpillar, a 3/4 size guitar. I've had my eye on Lucy for a while (christ, that sounds pervy) following her lovely debut single 'Red, Red Wine' which was followed by a more melancholic 'Kings Cross'. Since then she's been working with The Earlies, and new single 'Lucy's Opinion' is the result of that collaboration. Unfortunately, it's not quite as great as her past singles but you can hear a radio session version of it, as well as bee-side 'Bumblebee' below. On the upside, it comes as a special edition cd with handmade sleeve (only 200 copies), so worth buying for that alone. Head to Lucy's website to nab it [link].

Lucy & The Caterpillar - Lucy's Opinion (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Yourfilehost D/L]
Lucy & The Caterpillar - Bumblebee (BBC Radio 1 Session) [Yourfilehost D/L]

Jam On Bread is a ukelele-based acoustic outfit. Jam On Bread is Stephen. Stephen has an amazing beard. And also constructs some enjoyably whimsical folky pop. He's a bit twee too. His ode to Swedish label, Labrador Records is self-indulgent and not particularly chirpy, yet still retains a wonderfully charming essence. A job well done. While we're here, I recommend having a listen to Stephen's song about his desire to have been a manatee on his MySpace too. I don't think genetic engineering can help him just yet.

jam on bread lucy caterpillar mp3 review

Jam On Bread - I Heart Labrador Records [Yourfilehost]

Aisha has appeared on Keep Hope Inside in the past but in remix form. So here we have Aisha in her full unadulterated glory. Except she's teamed up with a fiddle player! Eva and Aisha combine to produce an intensely melodramatic feel compared to Aisha's past delicately bewitching acoustic pop exploits. She's been largely bereft of attention so now's the time to give her a chance. Check out the MySpace for plenty of other downloadable tracks.

Aisha & Eva - Gone [Yourfilehost]

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