The best?

on Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Sometimes you just can't tell whether something is the best thing ever or quite possibly the worst. Err, WUT?

Ignoring the hilarity of LOST, I think you know what I mean. Think: trashy b-movies (Arnie and Stallone), fast food (tasty yet hideously unhealthy) etc.

Bambi Get Over It are probably the defining example of this concept. Firstly, looking at their name, which I don't think I really like but other people love (judging from MySpace comments). It really reminds me of the Guillemots single! Then, and more importantly, their music is probably equally as polarising. Self confessed rockabilly meets folk, it's quite unique for contemporary British music. But I'm not sure "unique" is really a complimentary adjective.

bambi get over it mp3 music

Nonetheless, the tracks I was sent exhibit some promise. 'Bad Man' is the standout by far, and shows there is radio friendliness in the scope of Bambi Get Over It. Admittedly, that'd probably be BBC Radio 2. Dare I compare to early Razorlight but with a folk twist? Anyway, it is very poppy. And I like poppy. The bassline of 'That Girl' is reminiscent of 'Young Love' by the Mystery Jets, which apparently completely rips off a song from Hugh Grant film 'Music & Lyrics' (yet another an example of the best/worst thing ever). It descends into French halfway through, which is always a nice touch. However, it leaves me even more confused as to whether they are the best or worst thing ever! I guess it's fair to say Bambi Get Over It invoke a sense of nervous excitement, for better or for worse.

Bambi Get Over It - Bad Man [Yourfilehost download]
Bambi Get Over It - That Girl [Yourfilehost]

Dark Meat are new signings on VICE records, and they're literally a bunch of hippies. Seriously, "several members live in Orange Twin, a 100-acre sustainable-living eco-village, where members farm, do bio-diesel conversion and host shows at their amphitheater".

But considering their line up has consisted of members of Gnarls Barkley, Elf Power and Of Montreal amongst others, there must be some kind of musical pedigree there. Still, I'm not sure if they're the best or the worst thing I've ever heard. The fact that 'Freedom Ritual' has been designated their most accessible song (hence mass blog coverage of the track) and is over 7 minutes long should prove my point.

Having listened to the album, I'm almost lost for words. The only thing I could think of saying is that they are clearly completely mental. But that's probably not much good to you. I suppose Dark Meat are a bit like psychedelic devil RAWK. Admittedly, that's a pretty abject description and you really need to hear this band for yourself to decide whether they truly are the worst thing ever, or in fact, the best. I honestly can't tell.

Dark Meat - Freedom Ritual [right click, save as]
Dark Meat - Three Eyes Open [Yourfilehost]
Dark Meat - No One Was There (Warren Zevon Cover) [Yourfilehost]

The 17-piece collective are re-releasing their last album 'Universal Indians' on Vice Records today (presumably only in the States), with some additional tracks. They're also on a 66 show tour around America, check MySpace for dates [link].

I'll be back tomorrow with more of the same but this time from Times New Viking and King Khan & The Shrines. Goody.

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