International Boy

on Sunday, April 13, 2008
I received a pretty random email the other day, informing me of some recent musical thievery. Except the email address was from a website that no longer exists and referenced a blog/magazine that gives precisely zero Google search results ('Toy Drive' anyone?). Mysterious, to say the least.

Despite this, the email seemed to have a sense of credibility and accuracy. It was all about Estelle, who is conquering the airwaves with her Will.I.Am produced, Kanye West collab, 'American Boy'. By the way, a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge version of the track as well as her Scouting For Girls cover can still be downloaded [HERE]. Basically, the email was telling me how 'American Boy' had ripped off a track by Toronto's Arabesque called 'Nature's Phone'.

hamburglar mp3 music jools holland

Considering I had nothing to lose and was pretty bored in between revision, I did a little comparison. Mystery emailer person had a very good point. They do sound similar. Mystery emailer even handily provided an mp3 of Arabesque's track, at a rip roaring 320kbps. Which makes me suspect it's simply an elaborate promo email but rather that than be sued for having the track up!

Anyway, have a listen below and hear for yourself:

Estelle ft. Kano - American Boy (Live On Later With Jools Holland) [YOURFILEHOST D/L]//[SENDSPACE D/L]
Arabesque - Nature's Phone [YOURFILEHOST D/L]

Apparently, Kanye had heard about Arabesque quite some time ago so I'm not sure what role he may have played. In the end though, everyone rips off someone or another at some point so I guess we just have to accept it and move on. Or in the case of Arabesque, try to gain some deserved attention!

On a related note, Sam Sparro whose single 'Black And Gold' is almost certain to become a global phenomenon, popped into BBC Radio 1 to play an Estelle cover and 'Black And Gold' recently. He did a most excellent version of 'American Boy' - I never suspected he'd be a competent rapper! 'Black And Gold' was understandably a bit less funky than the single version but the quality of the song and Mr Sparro's soulful voice still shone through.

sam sparro estelle arabesque mp3 music
I have a niggling suspicion Sam Sparro will be a bit of a one hit wonder but he can always follow his father and make music for tv shows like Star Trek. Which is mega cool. Or he could fight out for the role of Brains in a future Thunderbirds movie with the guy from Hot Chip and Esser.

Sam Sparro - American Boy (BBC Radio 1 Estelle Cover) [YOURFILEHOST D/L]//[SENDSPACE D/L]
Sam Sparro - Black And Gold (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) [YOURFILEHOST D/L]//[SENDSPACE D/L]

p.s just to say, the rip of 'Black And Gold' has a few imperfections. The BBC radio player has been..err..playing up. I think the original radio output might have gone wrong. Anyway, sorry!

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