Radiohead Live On BBC

on Thursday, April 03, 2008
For some reason or another, the BBC have been having a recent lovefest with Radiohead. Likewise, this post will signify possibly their first appearance on my blog. I don't think I've ever even mentioned them in passing - I thought the whole 'In Rainbows' download then pay what you want was clever but covered by just about every music site going. More recently, a lot of bloggers have been getting excited about the Holy Fuck remix of 'Nude' from the aforementioned album. For more info about remixing Radiohead yourself, head [here].

I suppose I've never felt the need to talk about such an acclaimed and successful band. The ethos of this blog has always been one of championing the underrated and unknown and I'm certain I can't offer anything new in terms of opinion regarding Radiohead! In fact, I never even downloaded 'In Rainbows'. I think Radiohead are fantastic but I guess I was expecting to listen to it via diffusion. Or osmosis. But certainly not active transport. Luckily, waiting for the album to come to me has worked out rather well.

On April 1st, Radiohead played two sets comprising almost entirely of material from the 'In Rainbows' album for BBC Radio 1 and 6Music. This followed the playing of the 'OK Computer' album from 1997 in its entirety, as part of the BBC's "Masterpieces" radio feature. The BBC have even dedicated a whole minisite to Radiohead [link].

BBC 6Music presenter Marc Riley has offered his views of the two sets over at [link]. Here's a live video of 'Faust Arp' from the day:

The BBC in their wisdom and benevolence, have made an mp3 available to download for free from the Radiohead live performances [link], which I've uploaded below.

Radiohead - Videotape (Live At The BBC Radio Theatre, 01.04.08) [Yourfilehost download]

And while I'm here, I might as well put up an absorbing cover of 'Airbag', the opener to 'OK Computer'. This is by Northern Irish band The Jane Bradfords, who've appeared a couple of times on my blog in the past. Their debut LP is out on April 7th, available on iTunes etc as well as physically [here]. The song is also up for download at their MySpace [link], where I recommend you listen to 'Hide From The Cold', formerly #1 in the Qatar alternative radio charts.

The Jane Bradfords - Airbag (Radiohead Cover) [Yourfilehost]

Listen to the Radiohead two performances at the BBC Radio Theatre (April 1st 2008), 'OK Computer' in full and their first BBC session (June 1992) at [link].

Buy 'In Rainbows' from for £7.99 [link].

Also, I recently did my seventh podcast, so pop along for a listen if you like [link]. It features the new Esser single, 65daysofstatic, Frightened Rabbit and many more.

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