on Wednesday, May 21, 2008
If you're in any way a football fan, then you probably know who the winner of the 2008 UEFA Champions League is by now. I, on the other hand, will be locked in my room desperately trying to cram for my final exam. A mood possibly summed up best by Calvin & Hobbes:
calvin hobbes mp3 football music
This post is actually more about the birth of my new blog, [Armchair Sports Fan], which is somewhat obviously sport related. It continues my track record for crappy blog names - I wanted to call it Smells Like Team Spirit but that was taken. Curses. Anyway, it will be debuting on the 24th, also the second anniversary of Keep Hope Inside (heralded by "exciting" celebratory posts). And they say men can't multi-task. Pfft.

Over at Armchair Sports Fan, I'll be discussing topical sporting issues (stuff like EURO2008, the Beijing Olympics, F1 and England generally being rubbish at every sport going) as well as some other entertaining stuff I don't mention on here. It'll be good. Hopefully. Don't worry, this blog remains numero uno in my blog priorities.

Back to the football, I am incredibly thankful that Zenit St Petersburg foiled Rangers attempt at the "unprecedented" quadruple. You don't expect to see anti-football throughout a tournament and class prevailed in the end. Likewise, Chelsea hopefully haven't won the Champions League. Although Avram Grant deserves one title this season. But he's probably getting sacked anyway....

Northern band DARTZ showed their support for the Russians (no, not Chelski) by making their ace single 'St Petersburg' a free download on their MySpace. Read what I had to say about DARTZ (back when they still had an exclaimation mark) in October 2006 [here].

Last chance reminder to download my third podcast, featuring Johnny Foreigner, a Joy Division cover and all sorts of fun. Listen/download [here] before it disappears tomorrow. A new podcast may appear in the next few days too if there's a lull in post-exam celebrations.

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