on Monday, May 05, 2008
Like the black sheep of the family, New Yorkers Longwave were pushed aside by their contemporaries The Strokes and The Walkmen. I'm not sure the impression they made over in the States but in the UK, they barely scratched the surface. Having accompanied The Strokes on tour around Britain at the height of that "garage rock" scene in the early part of this decade, they didn't really capitalise on that opportunity. To be honest, the only song of theirs I even know is 'Everywhere You Turn'. But it is an excellent song. Watch the vid on [Youtube].

An album or two down the line and with band member Steve making appearances in Albert Hammond Jr's band, Longwave are returning with a new album. They've kindly made one of the tracks appearing on the new record available for download on their MySpace, as well as a handful of new tracks being available to listen. The downloadable song 'Sirens In The Deep Sea' is sounding pretty epic and more dream pop than garage rock or post-punk or whatever they're supposed to sound like. The other new tracks are more faithful to past Longwave material yet at times, they veer toward stadium rock. Hopefully, they haven't succombed to the temptation of a more commerically sounding record, like British band Editors did following their debut LP.


'Sirens In The Deep Sea' is also available on their MySpace, along with other new tracks from the new album. Longwave are also making a few appearances in the UK later this week, so head to their [MySpace] for all the details.

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