on Sunday, May 04, 2008
I came across West Yorkshire/East Anglian band Heartbeeps via their mp3 blog, 'be safe, be scene' [link]. Where was my credit for that Gossamer Albatross mp3 ("from the blogosphere")?! Read my Gossamer Albatross post [here]. Poor form, Heartbeeps, poor form.

But I forgave them (him? Craig Nunn?) after hearing their stuff on MySpace and with impeccable timing, their 'Canton EP' appeared in my inbox. It's a bit of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair, with the lengthiest track weighing it at a hearty 140 seconds (2.20). Sweeping The Nation noted their Times New Viking-esque attitude toward production, 'Glacial Valleys' and 'Light have a particularly lo-fi sound.

For me, Heartbeeps' laptoptronica veers from abrasive Pavement-esque riffs to Beirut-inspired ukelele pop. There is an element of dream pop to Heartbeeps too, especially on the enchanting 'Hats & Gloves & Scarf'. The comparison here to recent Keep Hope Inside favourites Banjo Or Freakout is unavoidable. But that's a favourable comparison and these are two acts that deserve to have made a bigger impression than they already have done.

Download the EP [here] and grab the Beirut cover from Craig's MySpace [here].

Iron Man is yet another solid comic book adaptation, apparently the best reviewed film of the year according to rottentomatoes.com. I highly recommend you see it if you enjoy explosions. Downey Jr is an excellent anti-hero and Paltrow's new hair is a winner. Also, watch this awesome 'sweded' spoof trailer on [YouTube], which I found on [/Film], the brilliant film blog. "I am Iron Man, made a pair of knickers from an old tin can". It's probably worrying that I enjoyed that trailer more than the actual film.

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