Timbaland + Ebony Bones?

on Friday, May 16, 2008
This morning, a little nugget dropped in my inbox purporting to be a new collaboration between Ebony Bones and Timbaland. By the time I actually woke up (lie-ins are compulsory post-exam), I was surprised to see the internet hasn't caught on to it. Which is a suspicious sign. Then again, the last anon tip I received about Estelle being somewhat of a musical thief came through [Read here]. Timbaland's appreciation of Miss Bones is well known but....

I'm sure everyone knows who Timbaland is by now but Ebony Bones may have passed you by. She's a former soap star, combining a distinctive sense of style (almost like she superglued herself then dived into the nearest charity shop) with an assorted range of sounds. For a more indepth look, read my recent KHI feature [here]

As for the track, entitled 'When It Rains', can I call bullshit right here? No. I am a massive cynic/sceptic (science is my area of study after all) but it seems pretty authentic. It certainly has the characteristic Ebony Bones-and-her-gang vocals, so at least one box is ticked. I can't be so sure production-wise but it's more than feasible that these beats are Timbaland's. 'When It Rains' has a funky brass-esque vibe throughout, countered by spooky backing vocals. For some reason, it feels almost like Ebony Bones meets Outkast. There's killer hit single potential here but I'm not convinced. File under "good, not great".

However, I am relatively convinced it is a legit Timbaland demo. And even if it isn't, thanks for sending the track to me Mr/Mrs Run Exhibition. I will be pretty taken aback if it emerges that this isn't even an Ebony Bones track but I guess stranger things have happened. Have a listen and decide for yourselves.


I will update the post if I find out it's not a Timbaland produced track so maybe check back in a few days. Or maybe one of you has the actual info? I should be so lucky. In the meantime, check out my third podcast which is 51 weeks old now and about to expire. Featuring Johnny Foreigner, Miracle Fortress, Lavender Diamond etc [here].

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