The Two Year Itch Part Four

on Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Sid of [Music Liberation] contributed to my last guest blog feature, You! Me! Blogging! and returns today to enthuse about the debut Blood Red Shoes LP. We're about halfway through The Two Year Itch (celebrating the second anniversary of my blog with bloggers' favourite British albums of the past two years), so keep coming back if you're interested. Here's Sid's words on 'Box Of Secrets':

Released earlier this year on V2 Records, 'Box Of Secrets' is the debut album from Brighton based duo, Blood Red Shoes. BRS are made up of Steven Ansell (Drums/Vocals) and Laura-Mary Carter (Guitar/Vocals). Since forming in 2005, the band have been busy recording an E.P, released several singles, and extensively toured throughout the UK and Europe. One of these singles 'It’s Getting Boring By The Sea' released in June of 2007, was received to critical acclaim and achieved somewhat of a cult hit among fans. Since then the band have toured more (and more!), and received significant support from the likes of Mr Zane Lowe on Radio 1, all of which built up to the highly anticipated release of their debut album.

The album kicks off with opener 'Doesn’t Matter Much', a slow, powerful and confident track that immediately demonstrates not just the belief the band have in themselves and their music, but also is a great display of what they’ll all about. You’re immediately confronted with Steven's incredibly commanding drumming, that drives the bands songs throughout. Alongside that is the guitar of Laura-Mary, which is full bodied and totally rocking with big riffs that perfectly compliment the drums. Thrown into the mix are the duo’s joint vocals, which help to keep things varied. If you hadn’t heard of the band before, I’d doubt very much you would think that such a powerful sound can come from just two people.

My favourite track on the record is 'I Wish I Was Someone Better'. It’s faster than their other songs, and I feel that Steven is really given a great opportunity to demonstrate his clear talent for singing. The vocals are catchy, but the music has a dark, heavy, almost edgy feel to it. You get the impression the band really enjoyed putting the album together, and revel in playing up to their strengths.

You sense the album was made with the right intent, to put together a collection of songs that scream honesty and integrity, over anything that might imply the band selling out (mmmm Ting Tings anyone?). It is no surprise BRS consider themselves to be a punk band, not so much the sound, but more the general ethos and direction the band have taken. Lazy journo’s always mention The White Stripes with any Boy/Girl combination, but to be honest they cannot be further from BRS, not just in sound but attitude too.

Box Of Secrets is an honest, full-on assault, that is full of energy, passion, and intent. It is only eclipsed by seeing the band play live. Many aspiring musicians should check the album out, but be prepared that it might make you go back to the drawing board and practise that extra bit more, cos these guys aren’t gonna be moved easily!

Blood Red Shoes - 'Box Of Secrets' (released 14th April 2008)
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