Foals Remix Comp

on Thursday, June 19, 2008
Oxford collective Foals have announced the winners to their 'Electric Bloom' remix competition, as mentioned by me [here]. Edwin Foals amusingly called it the "make foals sound worse than they already do" competition. Although I'm guessing many people might disagree with that...

foals mp3 review remix competition
Admirably, they made a meritocratic decision rather than a popularity based one - they chose to listen to all 260 entries instead of the top ten most listened to, as had previously been outlined during the comp. They opted for R Ingall's remelt, with its grand total of 9 plays, which you can listen [here].

While the "remelt" is pretty atmospheric and almost shoegaze-y, I think it pales in comparison to one of the runners-up. The 'Orchestral Arrangement Remix', which is pretty self-explanatory, is quite frankly astonishingly ace. Strangely, it isn't on the official list of runners-up [listen to all those here] but was mentioned in a Foals MySpace bulletin. Thus proving MySpace is still useful, after all. Anyways, the 'Orchestral Arrangment' remix is a beautifully melodramatic instrumental transformation of 'Electric Bloom'.

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