Dinosaur Pile-Up

on Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Matt Bigland, formerly of Leeds based troupe Mother Vulpine, has re-emerged with a solo outfit of sorts (he has a live entourage at gigs) entitled Dinosaur Pile-Up. Well, I say re-emerged but Dinosaur Pile-Up has been going for aaaaaaaages. I even mentioned them a couple of weeks ago in a Grammatics post [link].

dinosaur pile-up mp3 review
Now I don't know about you but I love dinosaurs, from Jurassic Park to Rex from Toy Story to paleontology, it's all good. Thankfully, Dinosaur Pile-Up are equally as great. The demos combine The Cribs' early rawness and the rock anthem ethos of Weezer. The track I'm featuring below ('Love Is A Boat, And We're Sinking') is a hypnotic dancefloor stomper, and feels a lot like a Bloc Party demo.

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