Animals Talking

on Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Animals Talking are a bunch of rabble rousing 16-17 year olds from London, who are just about ready to join the selective group of teenage British bands that are on the slow rise toward global domination.

animals talking mp3 review
Like their contemporaries Lo-Fi Culture Scene, Animals Talking replicate the sound of The Maccabees albeit with a darker tone, quite reminiscent of fellow Londoners Bombay Bicycle Club. In fact, despite their Southernly base, there is a distinct air of Manchester (with particular nods to Joy Division and The Smiths) to Animals Talking. The melancholic sounds of a band whose stock is sure to rise.

The band have just put up some new demos on their MySpace, one of which is available to download below ('Colours') along with a demo ('Letters') from last year:


Speaking of talking animals, I heartily recommend the new Dreamworks offering, Kung Fu Panda. There is no end to the greatness of giant pandas.

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