on Tuesday, June 10, 2008
So hopefully I wasn't the only one pretty nonplussed about that Radiohead 'Nude' remix comp. I think much of the blogosphere were in love with Holy Fuck's version but I found the whole thing a bit silly. Not just because a million people entered and I was far too lazy to weed out the men from the boys but mainly because you had to pay for the respective parts.

Glen Byford, aka [Hunchbakk], felt similarly. Although he did flash the cash and decide to create his own remix of 'Nude'. But he didn't enter the competition. Instead, he emailed me his haunting 'Towerblock Dub Remix'. While not as inspired as his reconstruction of The Enemy [KHI link], it attacks the song in a different manner. Instead of engineering a whole new beast (which Glen claimed would be "blasphemous" anyway), he opted for subtlety. And with Radiohead, subtlety works well. Capturing the emotion of the original, the Hunchbakk remix adds its own eerie intricacies to produce an effective reworking.

Speaking of new takes on 'Nude', [Gorilla vs Bear] alerted me to this interesting offering made solely from old computer equipment by a bloke called James Houston. Radiohead seem to like it, although it certainly is.......different:

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