All Around The Houses

on Monday, August 04, 2008
So I'm still pretty bummed about my friend dying so this a day or so late. I was going to come up with some funny introduction but it somehow doesn't feel appropriate anymore. Anyways, I made a new podcast recently, check that out [#9].

The new Gnarls Barkley video is a little bit odd. And deep. And graphic. But mainly odd.

2008 "Nationwide" Mercury Music Prize nominees have been announced. Bookies install Burial as favourite to win [MMP]

MC Lars + Comic-Con = bit weird [YouTube]

Domino Records are going to be giving away mp3 downloads as part of their new digital service []

Dirty Zine interviewed Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchinson outside the recent Transparent takeover at White Heat (I was at the gig - it was good) [DIRTY]

If you thought that 'Paris' was a flash in the pan then the new single from Friendly Fires will give you a pleasant surprise [BigStereo]

New Joanna Newsom over at new blog Now It's Overheard. Show it some love. [NIO]

Another Form Of Relief sees Kotki Dwa as a Great British Hope [afor]

Jay points us to three interesting performance vids of Frightened Rabbit over at [clickyclicky]

Ohh! Crapp has cool electro covers of Seven Nation Army and Smells Like Teen Spirit [Ohh!C]

Unkut has an unreleased version of 'Scenario' by A Tribe Called Quest featuring verses from De La Soul among others []

Chirpy Liverpudlians goFASTER>> remind us they still exist by putting a new track on their [MySpace]

preview tracks from the Noah And The Whale album via a [fancy widget]

Just missing out on being video of the fortnight is the new Richard Ayoade-Vampire Weekend effort, 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' aka 'The O.C Musical' [MySpace]

The Streets give away new track 'The Escapist' iN lieu of the forthcoming new album []

Joy-Rides unleash new recordings 'Bishop Of Southwark' and 'Destiny Of Shops', full of their usual chutzpah [MySpace]

Johnny Foreigner eventually get around to showcasing (again) the new video for September single 'Salt, Peppa & Spinderella' [Vimeo]

Forget Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys and Jack White team up to take on the new Bond theme tune [The Guardian]

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