Keep Hope Inside Podcast#9

on Thursday, July 31, 2008
After May's "glorified mixtape" [KHI podcast#8], I'm back with my unthrilling vocal insights on this podcast. Still, good music.

This month's podcast has been a bit of a battle, Audacity let me down a little by crashing my computer everytime I tried to edit the damn thing. But it is free and I sorted it out and hopefully people will appreciate the effort!

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#9 (33.4mb, 36:32)
Intro (created from samples by Michael Oster)

1) A Classic Education - Stay, Son
Majestic orchestral Italo-Canadian pop
[MySpace]//[Banjo Or Freakout cover]

2) Barringtone - Snakes In The Grass (Frankmusik Remix)
A Europop classic in disguise
[Barringtone MySpace]//[Frankmusik MySpace]

3) Stricken City - Tak O Tak
Hyperactive Londoners generate nonsensical bouncy pop ditty
[MySpace]//Download for free and buy the ltd ed 7" now at []

4) The Bookhouse Boys - The Valley
Nine thumbs fresh! Wait, I mean eighteen
[MySpace]//[mp3 download]

5) The Rosie Taylor Project - The Sun On My Right
Understated twee pop brilliance

6) Bark Cat Bark - I Saw A Wolf
Josh Todd underlies his credentials as the next Patrick Wolf - a contemporary twist on classical music
[mp3 download]//[MySpace]//Click [here] for details about buying Josh's debut album

7) To The Bones - Sharkie's Bone Symphony
Hard-hitting riffage produced by ex-Kinesis man Conor McGloin

8) Haemostatic Picnic Races - Get In The Bag
Pulsating anthem from the oft compared to Minus The Bear and Fugazi HPR
[MySpace]//[mp3 download]

9) Secondsmile - Long Road Home
BSM faves bring us sweeping indie rock
[MySpace]//Buy their new album 'Years' at [Big Scary Monsters]

10) myfirstradio - Progress
An epic ballad worthy of Hope Of The States
[MySpace]//[mp3 download]

This is one of the few music podcasts in the blogosphere where all tracks are used with permission or were made freely available on the internet by the artist at the time.

[DIRECT DOWNLOAD] (right click, save as)

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