Cats In Paris

on Sunday, October 26, 2008
Mancunians Cats In Paris released their debut album 'Courtcase 2000' about a couple of months ago, giving me plenty of time to buy it, listen to it then tell you all about it. Unsurprisingly, I failed to complete any of the above.

Admittedly, the question has to be asked - why have they released their debut album already? I'm sure they haven't been touring that much and with only one single and little radio play behind them, it seems a little premature. But maybe the album is just that good, Akoustik Anarkhy had to throw it out there. For reasons outlined above, I just don't know.

cats in paris mp3 review session
On the basis of the recent BBC 6Music session that I'm about to share with you, it could well be a pretty awesome synth prog odyssey. Cats In Paris manage to capture the same infectious vigour that Elle S'Appelle showed whilst combining it with the experimentalism of something like the Animal Collective. Not forgetting their slight leftfield synth pop ethos, in the same vein as Late Of The Pier. Basically, it's vivid, lavish and a bit messy. But good, oh so good.

Buy 'Courtcase 2000' from their label website, [Akoustik Anarkhy].

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