Swanton Bombs

on Sunday, March 15, 2009
The UK's answer to Vampire Weekend? No, no, no. Shame on you, The Guardian and BBC, for rubbish comparisons. If anything, Swanton Bombs are the UK's answer to [Jeff Hardy]. Or a bit of a hybridised Mystery Jets/White Stripes mish mash. Although I guess comparing a guitar-drums two piece set up smacks of journalistic sloth. Lucky I don't consider myself a journalist then.

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Anyways, songs like 'Leave The Boy' and 'Sorrysayer' certainly have an air of the raw garage-blues ethic that The White Stripes popularised in the earlier years of this decade. 'Turnstile' is more reminiscent of the harmonies and melodies of the new age Mystery Jets. Put it this way, this isn't indie by numbers. And if you're going to pick two bands to emulate then those two aren't half bad. I imagine you'll be hearing more about them on this blog in the future. In fact, let's be hyperbolic, THEY ARE THE FUTURE.

Swanton Bombs are Dominic McGuinness (Eugene's bro) and Brendon Heaney. Dominic lives near where I grew up, in the top right hand corner of the tube map. They used to be called Jimmy The Moonlight. You can download their free 12 track demo album, 'Smoke Over Swanton' on their [MySpace] and buy their 'Mammoth Skull' EP on [iTunes].

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